At the point when people zoom out right on Google Earth for the web and Pro on desktop, they get a perspective on the planet with stars in the background. Sadly, that starry background is supplanted with plain black when they utilize the program on mobile – as of not long ago, that is. The tech giant has updated the Google Earth application with the ability to display the starry universe on phones and tablets, because of the way that cell phones are presently more dominant than any other time in recent memory.

People will see pictures to be the Milky Way as they rotate the globe, all caught by the European Southern Observatory. Since they are taking a gander at the planet, all things considered, they will have the option to see the stars as they’d appear to somebody that is 30,000 miles over the planet. What’s more, that sounds great on the off chance that they at any point wanted to play space traveler as a grown-up.

Google says adding stars to Earth is part of its endeavors to make the program look as reasonable as could be expected under the circumstances, which is the reason it likewise recently added animated clouds to show weather patterns the world over. “Realism is important to us,” program software engineer Jonathan Cohen wrote. “[W]e want people using Google Earth to see our planet in context with our place in the universe.”

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