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Juliet’s Lover offers an affordable and easy way of buying designer jewellery. Learn more here about its subscription-based jewellery in London.

London, United Kingdom Jan 9, 2022 ( – Fashion has always enabled us to differentiate ourselves from others through our appearance, and jewellery has played a pivotal role in that. However, nowadays, with how frequently we have to present ourselves through social media, it can be challenging to ornate ourselves with gorgeous jewellery that enhances our aesthetic presence. Well, what if there was a way to continue to get designer jewellery without going through the trouble of purchasing them from a physical or digital store? Juliet’s Lover, a jewellery store, offers that through subscription-based jewellery in London.

If this is the first time you’re heard of such a business model but are intrigued by it, then read on to learn more about it.

What Is Subscription-Based Jewellery in London?

Subscription-based jewellery is what it sounds like; you pay a subscription fee to a store like Juliet’s Lover, and you receive a box of jewellery every month (or whatever denomination the subscription service offers). Therefore, you will pay a recurring charge every month when you subscribe to the service. In turn, you receive a box full of certain types of jewellery every month. The store chooses the specific designs according to your preferences.

How Does Subscription-Based Jewellery Work?

Now, it may seem like subscription-based jewellery in London is a means to scam people, but that’s not the case. Reliable stores make sure to understand exactly what each client wants in their jewellery before packaging and sending monthly boxes. Therefore, every customer must fill out a questionnaire in which they detail their preferences in terms of the types of pieces, the materials, the styles, and so on. So, you’ll only receive products based on your preferences and tastes and nothing else. Pre-packaged boxes aren’t common with high-quality jewellery stores.

Benefits of Subscription-Based Jewellery

Take a look at some benefits of subscription-based jewellery.

Exceptional Quality in an Affordable Package

Juliet’s Lover provides four pieces with its subscription-based jewellery in London. All of these items are of designer quality and style. However, they’re available at affordable prices, making the subscription worth it each month. This subscription model is moving away from the significance of brands while giving credence to well-made products and the designer. Customers don’t have to pay the extra amount of branded products, so they can manage to get fantastic products at a fraction of the price.

Consistently Get New Products That Make You Feel Good

With subscription-based jewellery, you’ll consistently get new designer products to keep your style up to date. You don’t have to wear old jewellery again and again. With new products, you can feel confident every time you step out of the house, knowing that your style is powerful and yours.

It Helps You Manage Your Jewellery Expenses

Jewellery is undeniably expensive, especially those made of valuable materials. Thus, it’s not uncommon for people to splurge on these products during specific times of the year, such as the holidays. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with treating yourself, you are reducing the amount of money you can spend on other things after a splurge on jewellery. Subscription-based jewellery helps eliminate the problem of managing your expenses by providing designer products within an affordable package every month. Also, because you’ll get new material every month, you’ll have enough pieces and styles to make your outfit unique for various occasions during a season where you can expect to party a lot.

Why Is Juliet’s Lover Ahead of Its Competition?

There are quite a few different stores offering subscription-based jewellery in London. However, Juliet’s Lover has managed to secure its place among the best of the lot for a few reasons. Here’s what they are.

You Own the Jewellery in Every Box

What’s great about Juliet’s Lover is that every box that you purchase is yours via the subscription model. Some stores only allow customers to rent subscription jewellery. However, Juliet’s Lover ensures that you own everything that you get from the store, making each box truly worth it. This also means that you can reuse a specific item as much as you want without ever giving it up.

You Get Excellent Value for Money

Juliet’s Lover has dominated subscription-based jewellery in London by offering exceptional value for money to its customers. The subscription is available for only £69. However, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting designer products that are worth significantly higher than that. In fact, the company has estimated the boxes to be valued at approximately £400 each. So, whatever is in your box, you’ll know that it’s worth more than what you paid for it, and it’s designer quality.

It Offers More than Subscription-Based Jewellery in London

You don’t have to get subscription-based jewellery if you don’t want to. You can first test whether the box is worth it and if it fits your style through the “Guess Box.” This box is available for £89, and it’s a one-time purchase. It functions like a subscription box, meaning that it includes designer items for an affordable price.

If you would rather buy specific designer jewellery of your choice, you can also purchase them at retail. This route may prove a little more expensive than the subscription model. However, it’s a good option for those who just want one piece.

It Has Great Customer Service

If you’ve ever browsed through Juliet’s Lover website, you’ll have noticed that the user design is fantastic. It’s quick and easy to learn about the company and its products and even easier to place your order for subscription-based jewellery in London. What’s more, is that this particular company has outdone itself with its customer service. It’s a breeze for customers to get in touch with the company and discuss their concerns with a representative. Also, the representatives are professional and friendly, ensuring that every interaction is productive and quick.

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy way of buying new designer jewellery, then subscription-based jewellery by Juliet’s Lover has got you covered. With a recurring payment, you can be sure you’re being sent high-quality products that are handpicked for you.

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